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As people in the industry of creating events and designing tabletops, we often complete an individual table setting with a “charger”. Sometimes a client will ask, what do we need that for?

Now that we have created a wedding gift registry for The Storied Table which includes chargers, our couples are often answering the same question…what do we need that for?

First, what is a charger? It’s a functional tabletop accessory, that works something like a tray, to be placed underneath a course plate (salad and entrée). The charger remains on the table as the food plate gets removed and switched out for the next course. The charger plate, measuring  from  12” to 13 ¼”, creates a base so that food is caught and doesn’t stain the tablecloth or table as the meal progresses. While there are specific pieces sold as “chargers”, we often hack a solution by using a china plate one size larger than our salad and entrée plate to create a de facto charger. Does the job!

Aesthetically, in years past, while chargers were more in use for special occasions like galas and weddings, now that are often an economical alternative to add elegance and a pop of detail or color to a table. Now that linen runners over tablecloths have become more popular, a beautiful wood table can be protected and showcased without food falling all over.  In that a charger is pre- set as guests are welcomed to the table, the charger provides another potentially beautiful element to create impact and pizzazz.      

Chargers can be made of almost any material. At The Storied Table, current chargers for purchase are carved wood which is a great contrast to simple everyday Nordic Style plates. We also offer 11” china plates that can be used as base plates. In the future we will be offering china, glass and rattan chargers. Rental chargers are available from your special events rental company like BBJ Linen.

Charger shown above available at BBJ Linen.

Why are chargers a great investment? When you’re not having a dinner party, a charger can be used under a candle, as a base for a grouping of tapas bowls, or even arranged like plates on the wall.

The relative cost of switching out different material and style chargers to create rotating tabletop décor looks is a lot less than buying multiple sets of china. We approve!  

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Charger shown above available at BBJ Linen.

Chargers shown above available here


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