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Have you noticed that metallics are showing up everywhere from nail color to interiors to glamorous frocks for celebrating and all things wedding? Everything from silver to gold to copper to rose gold is a sheen that you can’t miss these days. We’re loving it so much that our daughter’s wedding next month will have heavy doses of mixed metals. Watch here for sneak peaks as our plan develops!

Years ago, come wedding time, our Mom’s and Grandmother’s had all manner of scrolly silver trays that were “passed down”. Really, what did we use these trays for? I traded a stack of my silver trays with a Chicago artist: my silver trays for an original piece of artwork. That painting is still in my living room and we enjoy it every day!
Thing is, we want our things to brighten up the everyday, not just be used for “company” or special occasions. No one has the space or even mind space to inventory pieces that are gathering dust waiting to be used during a yearly holiday.
Now we’re loving silver and metallics as a tone and an accent for our everyday interiors. It’s part of a storied home that includes reflective multifunctional pieces. Perhaps all you need is a touch of metallic such as a stenciled metallic brass and sterling silver handmade leather coaster to really bring the level of your bar cart UP UP UP. Not too shiny, but just enough bling to say “thanks” for being my guest and now I’m offering you something special to set your cocktail on. A handmade cocktail with a handmade coaster~ WOW!

We also like the way grooved and etched metal trays can be used for centerpieces or to transport dinner to an Ottoman for a relaxing evening Netflix marathon.
Silver and metallics have never really gone away. Special pieces have just been etched, grooved, detailed and molded to fit into our everyday life. We like that. It’s Slow Living with Style.
Thank you for creating your #StoriedHome with us! Cheers!


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