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You’ve got the apartment and now you are wondering what pieces you will need to make your space your own and current. This is what we call creating your own #StoriedHome. Every home tells a story of the people that live there. We put a personal stamp on our living space and create layers of meaning through objects and textiles. The home, the personal sanctuary, is the perfect place to kick back, switch off, and retreat into a comfortable warm and soothing space. We’ve been gathering our own inspirations and adding to our collection for you with pieces that promote interior well being. This blog is the first of a series where we talk about what it takes to bring some soothing into your space. We’d love to see how you’re creating your home so please @thestoriedtable on Instagram.

Using organic shapes and textures makes your space look current and is soothing too. We’re thinking here of balanced, earthy and the naturally shaped elements starting with tabletop. We like a palette of organic colors like creamy whites and sky blues and dreamy greys and uneven textures. Cool smooth porcelain plates in creamy white set off by a textured distressed scroll wood charger brings the tactile directly into your everyday with a juxtaposition of rough and smooth that adds an element of interest. Using pieces organically and multifunctionally takes a mirrored distressed wood tray from kitchen table to art project room and makes possibilities limitless.

Natural textures layered on a tabletop, whether runners, cloths or serving pieces bring a certain tactile “happiness” and intentionality to the table. Switch your runners up from season to season and consider natural fiber napkins that feel soft and will elevate your dining time from blah to special. Consider pieces that mimic nature in being rough and smooth. We believe that bringing nature into our homes is one of the truly easiest way to create interior wellbeing.

The Wabi Sabi approach speaks to the organic and “imperfect” nature of the world (and our lives). Keeping our expectations “real”, a hand made gilded edged pinchpot used for spices at the table with handmade Rado or used as a ring dish at the end of the day, reminds one that “doing it right” is more about personal best than “perfection”. Imperfection is human and we like to see irregularity and the “hand” in our products.


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