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Who doesn’t remember the magic of childhood when everything seemed so naturally magical and simple. As adults, we want to recapture the magic of childhood memories through elevating the everyday. To make the complicated simple and to eliminate the “mass” and make it handmade and homemade,  we are constantly curating our experiences and sharing with you.  

In this regard, a simple snack becomes an occasion to sample just baked cookies from a small Gotham tray and serve chilled milk from a hand painted Hilary glass. We love how refreshingly simple a natural woven cotton piece can be when used as a napkin or a placemat.

My childhood food memories revolve around my grandmother who was a fantastic baker, as was her father back in the “old country”. Nothing was better than visiting Grandma’s kitchen and smelling delicious aromas of freshly baked brownies and cookies. A glass of milk from Grandma Charlotte always included a chocolate covered cherry candy dropped to the bottom of the glass which made it all the more appealing. China plates were always used at snack time and now that I think of it, were paper plates even invented in those days? In any case, Grandma would have shuddered at such an idea. She was, after all, a collector of china and flatware and antique glasses. Cue to my future life as collector of The Storied Table.

Over on Pinterest at sister Entertaining Company we are collecting playful food designs that will have your tummy feeling happy. Come join as we share whimsical entertaining ideas.

Would love to hear about your favorite childhood food memories…sweet or savory??

Cheers, W   


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