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In this season of refresh and renew, we love using classic style tabletop pieces and creating refreshing new modern interpretations. Whether we buy the classic pieces new or inherit  vintage pieces from a favorite aunt, it’s always fun to re-imagine what could be done differently to give a different life to our much loved objects.  We especially love pieces that start life one way and then morph. In this spirit, we have been known to happily transform a door into a table and a vintage trophy into a flower vase.  We call the process of taking an item that is normally used one way and then seeing it in a new light~ “repurposed love”.

We thought we’d share some of our recent The Storied Table product re-imaginings here~ 

We usually enjoy a decanter as, well, a vessel for our Scotch and Bourbon. We actually received this idea from a Storied Table client. We went home and filled up an Azizi Decanter with EVOO and an Amrit decanter with Balsamic and voila! We now have a reason to relocate our decanters to the dining table and keep close at hand for every meal.

When faced with the cocktail hour, we love to pull out our favorite glassware and create drink table vignettes. Here we are at a catering event with Entertaining Company on the fly at a  Bangtel event and needed quick serving containers for our snack offerings. We think the PhoebeAriel, and Hilary and Pippa glassware looked great on the Dottie mirrored tray.

From kitchen to den to bedroom, we effortlessly move around the house with our old school laptop~ a Mikki Cutting Board made into a surface for writing real letters! Who out there enjoys snail mail as much as we do?  We enjoy disconnecting and getting offline once in awhile! You can usually find us cooking or letter writing.

Speaking of old school, remember TV dinners? Here Kenny Woodman of “Styling with Kenny” glammed up the Nelly Tray along with our hefty Italian Merriweather Flatware and lovely organic china dishes to create a dinner to remember.

We’re gathering more “Repurposed Love” ideas over on Pinterest. Hope you will join us there~Repurposed Love Pinterest Board.

We hope you will find new and refreshing uses for all the objects you love.

Cheers, Wendy



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