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Coco Chanel famously said, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” Classic Chanel and one thinks of a structured “little black dress” with white pearls. Done and Simple.

Initially, anytime I think of “simple”, my thoughts go to “natural”, “unadorned”, “unornamented” “meditative”.  However, Coco Chanel was all about impact and was probably never “peaceful” one day in her life. She was a whirlwind of innovative energy.  In fact, she was credited with liberation~ the kind that took women out of the “corseted silhouette” and put them into a modern casual chic as the standard for women in the post-World War era. The clothing silhouette went from rounded and “organic” to a kind of streamlined linear geometric.

I had my own “Coco Chanel Moment” when I first saw the Nordic style Roberto candleholder. I found it to be architectural, modern, impactful, and yet decorative at the same time. I loved the clean lines and way it brought a clean modern almost geometric decorative element to the table without being “fussy”. We liked the grids and black and white and clean lines.  Could the Roberto be our own The Storied Table “black dress”? We started piling up the Roberto, and it’s slightly smaller partner, “Tomas” and what resulted was modern and impactful.     

We’re looking forward to creating a simple and yet strong vision as we go forward. We got so excited about the Roberto and Tomas and how “black and white is always right” that we started moodboarding our vision of a Black and White Wedding on Pinterest. We are inspired.

Thank you, Coco Chanel. Best, Wendy       


Photos: Yannis Vlamos



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