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Over the years, the favorite gifts we’ve received have not been single items but rather, a collection of three or four pieces that when given together, tell a story.

We love unwrapping each item separately
and as we do so, the story unfolds.

Here we have curated, for you, a few gift giving collections, from The Storied Table, that we believe would create a most memorable holiday story that you can share with your treasured friends and family. We hope you are inspired to send these collections or create your own grouping. In all cases, may this be the beginning of a gifted year for your nearest and dearest.



Simple Pleasures Gift Set
all together for $138.00

Sometimes we love to give a non-showy gift that elevates the simple occasion and get together. The ornate handles of these serving pieces juxtaposed with the handmade Seki Bowls, give us the ying yang that we crave. We always seem to be searching at the last minute for serving pieces  as well as condiment, nuts, and candy bowls  just as our guests arrive.

Includes:  Todd Serving;  Upton Serving; Seki Bowls (set of three).


Handmade Luxury Gift Set
all together for $301.00

Useful handmade luxury gifts by women artists are on the top of our list to give and get. The brass Tatto set, created by artist Nancy Deal exclusively for The Storied Table, is perfect for everything from a charcuterie board buffet to spearing olives and pickled onions at the bar. The gold detailing on the Lilith Bowl inspires us to create a still with fruit as well as get down to the basics of family style dinners.

Includes:  Tatto Utensil Set; Lillith Bowl.


Dinner for Two Gift Set
all together $501.00

For our friends who are moving in together, we want to begin their storied home with a double table setting that sets a mood, for a night, for a lifetime. Organic shapes and heavy flatware with a detailed tray signals that everyday life is to be savored, deliciously.

Includes:  Lilly Plate (2); Celerie Bowl (2); Seki Bowls (set of three); Merriweather Flatware; Nani Silver Tray.




Girlfriends Tea Gift Set
all together for $95.00

When the girlfriends come over, we like to drink tea. We also want to celebrate the life well lived. The Axton tray reminds us of the elegant English tea tradition and the Maya Mugs add a bit of down to earth handmade luxury to our afternoon.

Includes: Axton Tray (medium); Maya (set of two)


Living Large Gift Set
all together for $361.00

Living large is our entertaining style and we love giving the gift of opulence. For the home bar, there is nothing better than setting up an Umi Ice Bucket with champagne and wine, filling a bowl with nuts, and letting the guests and conversation sparkle without too much fussing. Self service has never looked this good.

Includes: Umi Bucket; St. Martin Pitcher; Shelton Bowl; Odi Napkins.




Welcome Home Gift Set
all together for $183.00

Our men friends are not picky about where they set up the party but they do like to party! We love to think of the perfect entertaining accompaniments to help them along. Here we have everything they need from bar tray to decanter to handmade artist bowl that contains any snack that tickles the fancy.

Includes: Gotham Tray; Amrit Decanter; Jabeen Bowl.


Quiet Night Gift Set
all together for $343.00

A quiet night at home, with a book, the remote and a fully stocked bar. We consider that a fruitful evening. With glassware, decanter, tray and snacks, nothing is needed except perhaps a dinner called in.

Includes: Azizi Decanter; Kimbell Bowl; Ariel Glassware (set of 4); Nelly Tray.


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